Emily (12 Months)


April 2013 Highlights

Happy FIRST Birthday!

Your birthday fell on a Monday – Daddy was at work and your sisters were in Seattle for Spring Break. The two of us were home for the day and I took your monthly teddy bear photos – can’t believe you are a YEAR!! Gigi & Papa came over for dinner and you had your very first cupcake! Your sisters sent me text messages wishing you a happy birthday and then called via Facetime that evening. We had a family party on April 13th and I think your sisters had just as much fun planning it as I did! We decided on a “strawberry” theme and it was just perfect for you.

Firsts: on 4/4 you started saying “hi” while we were at the cabin over spring break – this is your 2nd official word! 4/29 – you took one step on your own with daddy! The next day you took 2 steps on your own…you will be walking soon! You are starting to sign “more” and “all done” now.

Food: Lots of new foods this month including olives, pickles (daddy gives you these!), mushrooms, cucumbers, toast, and watermelon! You also started drinking from a straw. We haven’t had much luck with a traditional sippy cup, but you are all about a straw.

Starting to: push the kitchen stools everywhere, pointing to everything and holding your hands up to be picked up all the time.

Other Notes: you have 6 teeth – 3 on the top and 3 on the bottom. We moved you out of the infant car seat and into the convertible car seat.

This year has been such an amazing adventure with you. You have brought so much joy to our family. Daddy is pretty much in awe of everything you do. He is still very protective of you and worries a lot, but I think he is starting to relax just a little. Your sisters are so good at caring for you and playing with you. They get so excited for each new trick you learn and we have so much fun talking and sharing each new milestone together. I think you adore them just as much as they adore you and I love watching your relationship grow. I am so grateful to be your mama and thank God each and every day for giving us the gift of YOU.

We love you sweet Emi.

Happy 1st Birthday!

Emily is officially ONE!


I had so much fun planning all the little details for her party and many thanks to Pinterest for all the fun “strawberry” ideas and to Hailey and Hannah for all the help! The cupcake flags and treat bag labels were free printables from One Charming Party. Her invitation came from Olive & Star. I made the #1 banner with fabric strips (I meant to put this on her highchair tray but forgot!). We served strawberry cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting. Hailey and I are piping “experts” now after watching a decorating video on youtube! Strawberry mojitos for the adults and strawberry lemonade for the kids.



Emily woke up from her nap and her party was in full swing – I think she was a little bit surprised to see a full house of people. But a few minutes later she was all smiles! 2 cupcakeI made her birthday hat with scrapbook paper and then sewed crate paper to the edge to make the ruffle. I didn’t think she would keep it on her head, but as soon as that cupcake was on her tray she forgot all about the hat!5KPE_1191Emily was surrounded by cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Even Grandpa Jerry made a surprise visit for her birthday party. So much love for this little one!

Emily (11 months)

KCE_6282March 2013 Highlights

You tried so many new foods this month including cheese, garbanzo beans, strawberries, eggs (hard boiled & scrambled), turkey, carrots, cucumbers, and more. Cheerios are a staple. You love to eat! We also started you on whole milk towards the end of the month – no more formula! At 11 ½ months you weighed 21 lbs and you are 29 ½ inches tall. You have 4 teeth now and I can see 2 more coming. Daddy installed baby latches on all the kitchen drawers this month. You are starting to stand up and let go for a few seconds at a time. We say, “emi, shake your head” and you will shake from side to side. You spent one Saturday this month with Aunt Kari and Uncle Dale while we skied with your big sisters. You also had your 2nd overnight with Gigi & Papa while Daddy and I volunteered at the Camp Stix Auction. Daddy was in charge of you for 3 full days while Mama was away at her craft weekend, I came home to find out that you said your first word, “dada”. Daddy was coaching you all weekend long. The funny thing is that you only say it in a whisper voice – just like Daddy taught you! One of my favorite memories of this month was taking you to Friendship Park over Easter weekend. The weather was beautiful and warm. We put you in a swing for the first time and as long as the swing was not moving you were happy. As soon as we started to push you – not happy! Both Daddy and I took turns on the slides with you. We took a little cheerio break and watching you touch/crawl on the grass was hilarious. You kept lifting up your toes and pointing them in order to avoid all contact with the grass.

I’ve been thinking about your first birthday all month and finally decided on a strawberry theme…can’t wait to celebrate YOU!


I know nothing about playing an instrument or reading music. I was never interested in music when I was younger and therefore never learned to play anything. So, I am a little in awe as I watch Hailey play the trumpet and now the French Horn as well. She plays in the Advanced Elementary Band this year and has been getting up at 6:30am 3x a week for band practice at the Middle School. She’s actually really good and the best part about it is that she loves it. Loves it!

And since Hannah decided not to continue in band this year, it’s really become Hailey’s thing.

And having your own thing is really extra important when you are an identical twin.





We loved watching her play in the Spring Concert this week. Even Emily was proud of her big sister and clapped along with the rest of us.

Go Hailey!

Feeling the Love

Lots of LOVE was happening at our house this past month! We love February!


3 girlsFun new photos of the girls!

KCE_5699“What I love about you” hearts – one for each member in our family. We did this as one of our Monday Night Family Night activities.

vday dinnerFamily valentines dinner – french toast, bacon, strawberries, and sparkling cider in fancy glasses!

KCE_5606New toy for Emily – she loved it!

valentinesAnd of course Valentines for school! Turns out that 6th graders DO celebrate Valentines! I tried to tell the girls that, but they were pretty convinced otherwise until the emails came from their teachers. They rallied and made cards and boxes at the last minute. Well, no box for hannah, but she did make the cards.

Emily (10 Months)


February 2013 Highlights

You are now walking across the room behind your push toy and cruising around the couch and coffee table. You love your big teddy bear and will literally throw yourself at him to give him a snuggle. You also love your fleece blankies (you have 3 of them) and will hold them up in your crib to take them with you after nap. If you hear us say, “bye-bye”, you start to wave and I always bring you to the front window to wave to your sisters when they leave for school in the morning. You are exploring and starting to open kitchen cabinets. We also found you on the stairs so we installed a gate this month. You love the “Big Little” book and will bring it to us to read it aloud. Bananas are very much a staple in your diet. You drink 3 bottles a day and have no interest in holding the bottle (even though you can!). You are sleeping from 7:30pm – 7:00am generally and still take a morning and afternoon nap. You like to throw things out of your crib these days – like your paci, blankie, socks, etc. Your first overnight happened on 2/1 with Gigi & Papa. Daddy and I went out on a date and then we took your big sisters skiing the next day. We all missed you! You have 3 teeth now and a 4th tooth is starting to come in. You are a busy little girl these days and bring us so much joy! We love you Emily!

Holiday Favorites

Our christmas was extra special this year for 2 reasons…Hailey and Hannah were home with us (they left on the 26th for Dad’s house) and it was Emily’s FIRST christmas! School was out on the 19th and we packed in so much fun in those days leading up to the 25th. Really good family time, time at home, and time with friends. A blessed season.IMG_5079Holiday lights tour and new snow! (Bathroom & cocoa pit stop at McDonalds).

Sister Gift shopping – I shopped with Hannah this year. She wanted to shop at World Market this year (it’s usually Target or Fred Meyer).  Hailey shopped at Target with Kyle. Hannah picked a string of lantern lights for Hailey and Hailey picked one big lantern light for Hannah. Their expressions were pretty funny when they opened almost identical gifts from each other!? Must be a twin thing!

Awesome family movie night with decor and treat preparations made by Hailey.


Lots of help with christmas cards – Hailey and Hannah did all the stamps and labels while Emily supervised and chewed on toys!


BFF sleepover and playing in fresh snow.


Emily started crawling the week before Christmas – she was very interested in the tree!


We hosted a Minute-to-Win-it Christmas party on December 23rd with cousins which turned into a cousin sleepover. Lots of laughs and a totally “epic” night according to Elliot!KCE_4411 KCE_4446

Our family on Christmas Eve – so happy to all be together. Church & dinner at my parents house.


Christmas morning opening stockings – 3 girls together! love!KCE_4507 KCE_4528Our christmas baby girl!

And as much as I love December and our family traditions, I look forward to the change of pace that comes with January…a new year and a fresh start. Happy 2013!